When 16/02/2018
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Where Daybreak Day Centre
Tutors Jane Eastwood and a co-tutor

This course is for friends, family and other supporters who want to gain a better understanding around self-harming behaviours of people they care for.


This 2-week course will help you develop a greater understanding and knowledge around self- harming behaviours and introduce some alternative ways to support someone else. The course aims to provide a safe and supportive environment where knowledge, understanding and experiences are shared. We will explore self-harming behaviours looking at patterns and triggers, how someone’s thoughts, feelings and emotions can influence how they behave, and look at what we can do to support the recovery of someone who self-harms. The course will also consider ways we can look after ourselves and support our own recovery.

This 2-week course will meet Fridays on: 16th and 23rd February

N.B. It will be necessary when you arrive at your course to complete a supplementary enrolment form for Learn Devon, the co-sponsors of this course. It would be very helpful, therefore, if you could arrive five or ten minutes early to give yourself and the tutors time to do this paperwork.


Bookings are not open yet, or the course has already started. If you have an enquiry about the course please use this contact form.

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