When 08/02/2019
10:30 am - 1:30 pm
Where Burton Museum and Art Gallery
Tutors Warren Collum, Ali Holdstock and Aspasia Leledaki

This course is for people new to Mindfulness as well as those who have already engaged with Mindfulness and who would like to apply the practice in innovative, new ways.


This 4-week course invites you to practise Mindfulness within a museum or art gallery setting. Regardless of how familiar you are with art and artefacts, through Mindfulness you will have an opportunity to encounter paintings, objects and space in a new way that can also benefit your mental health. On this course, you will be invited to awaken all your senses handling collections, observing paintings and art works in the galleries, and sensing colour, brush stroke, texture or composition.  We will explore how to use a museum or gallery as a creative space for greater well-being and resilience, and engage in activities that include mindful meditation, movement meditation, guided self-enquiry, mindful communication and mindful creative expression. This course could raise difficult thoughts, emotions and moods and attendance may be challenging for some students. Please bring a notebook and pen/s.

This 4-week course will meet Fridays on: 8th, 15th, 22nd February and 1st March


Bookings are not open yet, or the course has already started. If you have an enquiry about the course please use this contact form.

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