When 14/10/2019
10:30 am - 1:30 pm
Where The Alexander Centre - Tavistock
Tutors Amanda Berry, Lizzie Bond and Lisa Hasson

This course is for anyone with large gaps in their employment history or perhaps no work history at all and who might find an MV a useful tool to get back to work.


Magna Vitae

The Magna Vitae (MV) is an alternative Curriculum Vitae (CV) for anyone with large gaps in their employment history or perhaps no work history at all. The design and format of an MV stands out from a traditional CV and invites people to discover what is inside. It can be used not only for employment but whenever a person is meeting a new professional, applying for housing, seeking support from a charitable trust etc. Not having to repeat answers to the same questions about life events helps to reduce stress and makes that first meeting a far more relaxed experience. The MV gives people the opportunity to move on from their past and focus upon their future, as gaps in employment are explained honestly and difficult life experiences openly shared. This is the alternative CV which challenges preconceptions and opens the door to mutual respect and productivity.

This session will run on Monday 14th October.


Bookings are not open yet, or the course has already started. If you have an enquiry about the course please use this contact form.

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