When 07/06/2019
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Where Old Heathcoat Community Centre
Tutors Charlotte Porter and Jane Wileman

This course is for people who have recently experienced ‘psychosis’ for the first time, their friends, family and anyone else interested in supporting someone with ‘psychosis’.


Having unusual thoughts, hearing voices, hallucinating or experiencing things that some would describe as ‘psychosis’ can be very confusing and unsettling, not just for the individual perceiving these things, but also for their family and friends. This 2-week course provides a safe and welcoming place to offer understanding and to develop strategies to live well after experiencing a first episode of ‘psychosis’. We will explore some causes and triggers of ‘psychosis’, share ideas on what we can do to keep well, and look at possible tools such as WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) that can support people experiencing unusual experiences to stay well and manage their symptoms better.

This 2-week course will meet Fridays on: 7th and 14th June


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