When 21/10/2019
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Where Please See Course Description
Tutors Caroline Nicholson and a co-tutor TBC

This course is for artists and non-artists as a way to explore the drawing process in new ways that can promote wellbeing.


Archaeological Drawing for Peace of Mind

On this 4-week course we will have a range of opportunities to draw archaeological artefacts including some recently excavated from the Romano-British site at Ipplepen. The course will include some informal drawing exercises that can help us relax and leave our inner critic behind. We will have a go learning and practising some of the conventions and techniques archaeologists use to draw artefacts, as well as take inspiration from archaeological artefacts to draw more informally, using our imagination, perhaps even illustrating the stories objects tell. We will have opportunities to handle and draw objects from the museum’s handling collections and displays. Rather than drawing to escape or disconnect, drawing from life intimately connects us to the objects we can hold in our own hands. We can feel an object’s weight, explore its texture and imagine the person who manufactured it and what it was used for. Tutors will introduce a range of drawing materials and techniques, as well as objects and artefacts, to encourage students to discuss, enjoy and explore the drawing process for wellbeing.

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This 4-week course will meet Mondays on: 21st, 28th October and 4th and 11th November.


Bookings are not open yet, or the course has already started. If you have an enquiry about the course please use this contact form.

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