A note on co-production

Co-production is a key value and defining principle of Recovery Education. Students will observe that all of our courses are commonly co-delivered by two tutors. Tutors who co- deliver our courses bring to the learning environment a wealth of relevant experience and skills that is not always achieved or even possible were courses taught by one tutor only.

We expect all our courses to be informed by the voice of relevant lived experience together with that of a mental health practitioner, as well as an understanding of recovery values and principles, experience or qualification in teaching or training, specialist subject knowledge and relevant life experience. Understandably, no one tutor would reasonably be expected to deliver on this
broad set of skills without the support of a co- tutor, nor is it always possible or best practice. Co-production and co-delivery allows tutors to draw on the skills in which they are most expert without compromising on those skills a second tutor would be able to bring. The result is teaching that is rich and varied, and a learning environment that is both safe, welcoming, recovery-focussed, and personal to its students.

All of our tutors are happy to speak about their own experience and what they bring to the courses. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Alternatively, students, prospective students, tutors, family, friends and other supporters are most welcome to attend our Recovery Drop-In.

About us

Our students are people with lived experience of mental health difficulties, their family and friends, and the professionals who support them.

Our tutors bring a broad range of expertise to the courses they deliver: an in-depth understanding of recovery values and principles, specialist knowledge, teaching or training experience, experience of working in the field of mental health, together with relevant lived experience of mental health issues. These are all vital ingredients in the production and delivery of all our courses.

Our approach is educational, informed by the values and principles of recovery that aim to instil hope, opportunity and control.

Our courses are open access for Devon residents over the age of 18 and are free of charge. We do not take referrals from health professionals and our students do not have to be using mental health services to access any of our courses.

Our Recovery curriculum promotes learning to support personal journeys of recovery in several different areas, including:

Rebuilding Your Life

  • around what we mean by Recovery
  • around planning ahead for your wellbeing

Knowledge and Understanding

  • about the experience of mental distress
  • about mental health issues and treatments
  • about ways to manage and live well with mental health symptoms

Developing Practical Skills

  • to help manage a mental health problem
  • to look after your own wellbeing
  • to help you lead a productive and meaningful life
  • to help you pursue your dreams and desires

Living Well and Enjoying Life

  • by trying out and having the chance to experience new things
  • by finding expression through art, music, creative writing and drama
  • by discovering your hidden talents and sharing them with others
  • by cultivating wellbeing through physical activity, intellectual activity, spirituality and creativity


  • to meet other people and share your experience
  • to try out and learn new things
  • to get involved and make a difference

We don’t get to choose the things that happen to us in life. What we can choose is how to react to them, how we deal with them, and how we move on.

— Sarah Winter

More about the Devon Recovery Learning Community

How much do the courses cost?

All our courses are provided free of charge, but unfortunately we are not able to pay travel costs.

Who are the courses for?

Our courses are for the benefit of people who wish to learn to live well, for their family and friends and for the professionals who support them. We do not take referrals from clinicians and our students do not have to be using mental health services to access any of our courses.

Do I have to have any qualifications to join a course?

No. Each course is self-contained and you can enrol even if you haven’t studied the subject before. You don’t need any school or academic qualifications to attend.

Will I have to do an exam?

No. Some courses may offer a formal assessment which you can do if you like, and you will have the opportunity to reflect on what you have learned, but for most courses there is no written exam.

I don’t want to do lots of reading and writing. Is there a suitable course for me?

People learn in lots of different ways. The tutors may suggest some reading but there will also be opportunities to learn through talking and listening, activities and exercises. Each session will be different as the students will bring their own individual contribution to the session.

Where do the courses take place?

The courses are run at different venues all over Devon. Addresses are listed in each course description and at the end of the brochure.

How do I enrol on a course?

For most of our courses you can book online at www.devonrlc.co.uk; or email us on dpn-tr.drlc(at)nhs(dot)net; or phone us on 01392 677067. Some of the courses are managed by our partners and you will find their contact details at the end of the course description.

How can I find out more?

We are always happy to speak with you about anything regarding the courses we offer. For help and advice please call us on: 01392 677067; or email us at: dpn-tr.drlc(at)nhs(dot).net To speak with a member of our DRLC staff please ring between 10:00am and 2:00pm, Monday – Thursday, except Bank Holidays.

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