You may wonder why the website has changed. Since we keep information about members within the site we decided to make things more secure. You will see at the front of the address bar a little green padlock, which means that information sent to and from our site is now encrypted. This adds an extra layer of protection to make sure your details are safe.

Since these changes needed to be made, we’ve also taken the opportunity to clean things up a bit. We hope you find the changes to be an improvement – everything works just as it did. If you do have any problems or questions, or you find something that isn’t working – please let us know through our contact page.

One thing that is missing is the Library stories section. If you wish to contribute your story or an artistic creation, you can now visit a new website called riding the storms. This project is run by Emily from the Library and is the new home for submissions of creative work around mental well-being.

Picture of padlocks