Welcome to the Devon Recovery Learning Community

A Recovery College providing courses for the wellbeing of people in Devon.

Our students are people with lived experience of mental health difficulties, their family and friends, and the professionals who support them. Our courses aim to provide:

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A resource for those who suffer long-term mental health difficulties.

Thank you in advance 🙂


  • experiencing mental distressŸ
  • what we mean by Recovery
  • Recovery principles & practice


  • manage our mental health
  • look after our wellbeing
  • getting back into work
  • Ÿpractical & creative skills


  • meet new people
  • share our experienceŸs
  • new avenues for learningŸ
  • making new choices possible

Booking courses

Find courses by date or by searching from the COURSES menu above, or apply using our printable form in RESOURCES above, where you’ll find all you need to know about us and our courses.

About our courses

DRLC Prospectus

People with lived experience of mental health difficulties have worked alongside mental health and education professionals to produce the courses.

For most of the courses, the tutors will bring both personal and professional experience to the session. Click here to learn more

You can see all the courses we offer and book on them via the Courses section of the website.

Up-coming courses

Recovery Library Drop-In Exeter

St Sidwell’s Centre

Managing the Money Maze

Learn Devon Alexander Centre
PL19 8BU

Mountain Biking with Go-Pro

Please See Course Description

DPT Recovery Booklet How to Live Well

What is Recovery Education?

For teachers and students it can help to get a clear picture of what we mean by ‘Recovery Learning’. A great summary of Recovery Learning principles is available in this leaflet. If you would like to learn more about Recovery you can also visit the Recovery Devon website where you will find many resources and a whole community of like-minded contributors.

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Website Changes and security updates

You may wonder why the website has changed. Since we keep information about members within the site we decided to make things more secure.

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